Why should I hire an arborist? For a healthy & long life, trees need proper maintenance. Certified arborists have extensive knowledge that can help you provide proper tree care.

What is the difference between an arborist and a certified arborist? ISA Certified Arborists have achieved a level of knowledge in the art & science of tree care through at least 3 years of experience and pass a comprehensive examination.

How often does my tree need care? Type and frequency of tree care depends on the species, age, location, climate, & other factors that affect growth.




Blue Ribbon Tree & Landscape Specialists provide a wide range of services and expertise to our neighbors throughout the Puget Sound, serving the East-side from Everett to Auburn on the East-side, and the West-side from Edmonds to Federal Way. We work in Tacoma, too!

Free Consultations

  • Hazardous trees and overall health & safety
  • Restorative & Curb appeal pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Storm damage

Tree, hedge and shrub pruning

  • Crown cleanouts, thinning, lifting
  • Shaping & downsizing - reducing lateral weight
  • View pruning of any type including:
    • windowing
    • ornamental pruning
    • pruning for health
  • Curb Appeal Pruning - whether you are putting your home on the market, or just want to recapture a yard that's become overgrown, we are experts at 'defining & separating' for the perfectly manicured yard

Restorative (Reconstructive) pruning

  • When a tree has been damaged due to storms, neglect or improper pruning this technique is used to bring the tree back to a healthy crown.
  • This typically takes 3 or maybe more prunings over a period of several years.

Safety Pruning

  • Target Reduction - from trimming away from houses, parking areas, etc.
  • Health & Wind Safety - pruning large evergreens and deciduous trees

Tree removal

  • Any tree type - hazardous to simple, crane work
  • Zero impact removal - from simple trees to protect the landscape to very technical removals, we can do this with or without large equipment
  • Stump Grinding

Certified Staff

  • Duane 'Andy' Anderson, ISA Certified Arborist, PN-2679A
  • Ian Anderson, Certified Climber-Graduate, Arbormaster Climbing School
  • Line Clearance Certified Climber