For a healthy & long life, trees need proper maintenance. Certified arborists have extensive knowledge that can help you provide proper tree care.

What is the difference between an arborist and a certified arborist?

ISA Certified Arborists have achieved a level of knowledge in the art & science of tree care through at least 3 years of experience and pass a comprehensive examination.

How often does my tree need care?

Type and frequency of tree care depends on the species, age, location, climate, & other factors that affect growth.


Blue Ribbon Tree & Landscape Specialists Inc. provides a wide range of services and expertise to our neighbors throughout the Puget Sound, serving the East-side from Everett to Auburn on the East-side, and the West-side from Edmonds to Federal Way. We work in Tacoma, too!

How much does it cost to remove a tree?

Just like people, every tree is different. Each has it’s own unique personality, needs and problems. We won’t mislead you by giving a quote without seeing your tree first – and the great news is: our estimates are FREE.

Should we water our tree?

Even though the world knows the Northwest for its rain, residents know our summers can be hot and dry for weeks at a time. Your trees especially need water during the heat season – so keep your tall, shady friends in mind!

When is the right time to prune?

It depends on the tree and what you want it to look like. Typically, ornamental pruning should be done after they’ve leafed out; fruit trees are pruned during the dormant season. Anytime you have to take a lot of wood, we recommend doing it in the dormant season to avoid scalding your tree.

How can we tell if our tree is healthy?

Again, just like a person, your tree will tell you! When you look at it, does it seem wrong? Sad? Odd? A tree’s color (or lack thereof), die back, abnormalities in shape and breed – these are all signals a tree uses to ‘flag’ attention to a problem.

Do we need a permit to remove a tree?

You might! Avoid significant potential fines – always check with your city/municipality and your HOA before removing a tree. Permit requirements and costs can vary across locations and may change annually.

Do my trees add value to my property?

Absolutely! We are experts at performing curb appeal pruning and can plan a spacious, easy to manage landscape that defines & separates plants – and will make your yard look as easy and comfortable as possible.

Will my sales arborist be here at the job site?

Yes. Your trust is our #1 goal. From our first visit to the last inspection, your arborist will be with you throughout the job.

Free Consultation

* Hazardous trees and overall health & safety
* Restorative & Curb appeal pruning
* Tree removal
* Storm damage

Restorative (Reconstructive) pruning

When a tree has been damaged due to storms, neglect or improper pruning this technique is used to bring the tree back to a healthy crown.
This typically takes 3 or maybe more prunings over a period of several years.

Tree, hedge and shrub pruning

* Crown cleanouts, thinning, lifting
* Shaping & downsizing (reducing lateral weight)
* View pruning (windowing, ornamental, or for health)
* Curb Appeal Pruning

Safety Pruning

Target Reduction – from trimming away from houses, parking areas, etc.
Health & Wind Safety – pruning large evergreens and deciduous trees

Tree removal

Any tree type – hazardous to simple, crane work
Zero impact removal – from simple trees to protect the landscape to very technical removals, we can do this with or without large equipment
Stump Grinding

Certified Staff

Duane ‘Andy’ Anderson, ISA Certified Arborist, PN-2679A
Ian Anderson, Certified Climber-Graduate, Arbormaster Climbing School
Line Clearance Certified Climber